Before renting or buying, analyze the property in depth.

Having clear the conditions of a house will avoid future surprises.
For Mexicans there are several conditions that are considered fundamental to evaluate a home. According to the latest edition of the Residential Satisfaction Survey of the Federal Mortgage Society, the most prioritized elements in the location, the conditions of the housing complex, urbanization and services, among others. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones.
"Moving for the first time can be a very intimidating task. Whether you are moving to a house or a rental apartment, or to the home of which you will become the owner, there are many things in the game and a lot of new information to consider, "comments the Vivanuncios platform.
In a statement, the news is published, things are improved, taken into account, evaluated, not only included, analyzed, detailed, they are not always visible.
"The emotion that will invade you during these visits is instantaneous and can cloud your judgment, so it is best to have a checklist to ask the relevant questions and reviews," he adds.
In this sense, inside the building, we must review the rooms, bathrooms and kitchen, but also other elements that are infrequently evaluated, such as windows, water and electric service. Likewise, abroad we will have to evaluate the items such as security, parking, proximity to schools, hospitals and supermarkets, etc.

"It is very important that you know what you are looking for, inside and out," concludes the platform.

Source: El Economista / Editorial Office / 09 September 2018.