How to increase the value of your house before selling it.



A dwelling by itself increases its value over the years. However, there are factors independent of the real value of the property that intervene in the surplus value. Let's take a look:

Location: according to the comparative market valuations, the greater the commercial development present in the area, the better the value of the home.

Accessibility: the ideal is that there are more than two communication channels that allow you to reach the property.

Services and infrastructure: it is considered the quality and maintenance of the services of the area such as paving, drainage, sewerage, lighting and public transportation; the efficiency of water supply, electricity; the risk of the zone before diverse environmental conditions and natural disasters, as affectations by rains or telluric movements.

eason why its wear is greater. To avoid investing too much, focus on changing b_although the current condition of the property largely determines its value, maintenance and improvements made before offering it to the public allow raising the final sale price.In addition, it must be borne in mind that a remodeling significantly decreases the age of the property and increases the useful life, thus favoring the value that is determined in the commercial appraisal.Although most factors depend on the area where the property is located, as a seller, you must concentrate on making the necessary physical adjustments that allow you to increase the value of your property.Improvements to increase the value of a homeThe improvements depend on the needs presented by each property. However, these are some adjustments that you should value.BathAlthough the house has a neutral appearance, the kitchen and bathroom reveal the antiquity of the property. There are several interior design trends that impact a home and have a current design, not only provide modernity, but also promote its value.Likewise, it considers that the sanitary is the room to which more use is given, rathroom furniture, enlarging the size of the mirror and adding a cabinet where hygiene items can be stored.


The finishes of a kitchen increase the price of sale or rent of a house, if you only have a budget to invest in a room, concentrate on this area. Remember that people are struck by a large, ventilated space with enough storage areas.

If you are looking for something accessible but that enhances, consider the use of tile, apparent concrete and wood. Do not completely discard marble or granite, as these materials are ideal for kitchen countertops and countertops. Also use neutral colors on walls like and furniture will generate an impression of cleanliness and order.


Although its impact is not so great on the value of housing, it can influence the purchase decision. Make sure floors are easy to clean and avoid the placement of stamped tiles, as they are mostly printed and with the use of paint.

Windows and doors


It's not just about embellishing the appearance of the property, the doors and windows should offer a plus such as covering that isolate the cold and outside noise.


Lighting influences the mood of buyers. The more lighting you have in a room (mainly natural light), the people will feel happier. If the home does not have large windows, you can add spotlights in each corner to maintain full lighting. It uses spotlights that resemble natural light and preferably are led.



The storage spaces of a building increase its price in the market. Take advantage of the dead spaces of the house to set a closet that allows future owners to organize those items that do not have a specific location.


It is not necessary to have a large garden to provide a natural environment inside the house. You can enable an area of ​​the property with plants that do not require much maintenance, plant grass in the backyard and place accessories to invite new owners to take advantage of it.

Before starting the remodeling process, quote with different suppliers the cost of materials and labor, make a comparison between the potential value of the property with the remodeling and the cost of remodeling. That way, you'll also know if it's viable to make all the changes or choose only the indispensable ones.

Source: Vivanuncios Blog