Faced with the facts and customs of our times all institutions have been modifying their acceptance patterns, rounding the edges and flattening the edges of intolerance to make way for a new generation whose main rule is: That there are no rules. Such is the case of banking institutions in the matter of mortgage loans, thanks to which Felipe and Roberto, and we will call our buyers, can enjoy a life in common and a Residential Residential Average in a Private Colony for the direction of the Highway National with large garden and pool, paying as co-accredited a comfortable monthly payment, because both joined, in addition to their lives and their income, some previous savings that allowed them to give 30% down payment. This house belonged to Mrs. González, who was the one who hired us to support her with the promotion and sale of her property. Sometimes, the success of the Real Estate Transactions may depend on our Real Estate Advisor knowing how to understand the space requirements of the prospects, adapting them to their current budget and ability to pay, in a work of profiling as well as to the fact that it is perfectly well aware of the mechanisms and requirements in the financial market that can leverage these operations.

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