Avoid these five mistakes when putting your house up for sale

Many people only concentrate on the income in a sale, and lose sight of other disbursements.
Putting a home for sale is an arduous task, and sometimes the seller may fall into some errors that delay and even prevent the transaction from taking place.

To avoid falling into them, several real estate portals identified the five most common mistakes made when selling a house.

1. Put a wrong price to your house. This is the most important point, since many people assign a value to a property without first consulting with an appraiser.
If you assign a sentimental value because it is the house in which you were born, you can put it very high and it is a price that no one will ever pay, explained Estanislao Cancino, VP of Sales of dot com properties.

Another mistake is selling a property at a low cost because it does so urgently or because you need the money, he said in a statement.

To set the right price for your property, the ideal is to make a commercial appraisal and market the area, said Olga Herrera, real estate consultant coordinator at Brinckell Inmobiliaria.

2. Do not give maintenance. Experts point out that even if the property has the best location or is in a very commercial area, if it has not been maintained and the property is already 20 or 30 years old, it will have a lower value than other properties in the same place .

It is recommended to give a touch to the house and see the newest possible, with this they can sell faster and at a better price, said Cancino.

3. Do not consult with real estate professionals. This could be a very delicate mistake because, although you can do the operation person to person, you could be disappointed. Any operation of a real estate is with a contract and should always be done in front of a notary, said Estanislao Cancino.

If you do not have the knowledge of how to make the transaction, it will take much longer to sell, in addition you can always negotiate the commission with the agent or find one that suits you best.

4. Do not consider expenses for the sale. Among the main expenses are any repair or remodeling of the property, or the commission of the real estate professional.

If you decide to sell on your own, the payment for advertisements or advertising, the payment for the appraisal of the property and that all taxes and services are up to date.

Also consider that you must pay the Income Tax, this is generated in case you can not verify that you have inhabited the property in the last six months, explained Olga Herrera.

5. Do not give publicity. A real estate agency will publish your property in all the real estate portals. Many people only concentrate on one, the lack of diffusion in the other portals may not give visibility to your home, said Herrera.


Source: El Economista / Editorial Office / March 22, 2017.