Bubble Real Estate is the term by which the phenomenon is known in which Owners-Sellers, Unqualified Mediators and Uninformed Buyers have created, each in their respective places when Selling, Promoting and / or Buying Real Estate above its market price , which leads to confusing the participants in operations, as well as producing unbalanced and unfair gains and losses.

Like all bubbles, the real estate agency can also burst and its damages can permeate some or all the agents that participate in it. Obviously the damage to the Owner-Seller is that their property is not sold. The damage for the Unqualified Real Estate Agent is that the property that is promoted is offered for a long time without changing ownership in the short term and, for the Buyer, when you request a loan offering your property as collateral or want to sell it, do not obtain the expected amount.

Therefore, from all angles, the Real Estate Bubble constitutes a serious threat to our market, if we let it grow or let us be tempted to want to beat it a little more at the price, without a foundation that supports that difference in value.

Hence the need to hire the professional services of a Certified Real Estate Consultant who tells us the truth (even if it hurts) about the valorem status of our property and its possibilities of realization.


Source: Iris Almaguer and Luis Jiménez, Professional Real Estate Consultants. 20 / Sep / 2918.