Mérida increases its real estate offer by 92.8% in two years.

The entity is one of the preferred housing options for retirement and apartments are usually more expensive than houses.
In the last two years, the offer of houses for sale in Mérida increased by 92.8 percent, that is, there are almost twice the number of properties available in the city, according to data from the properties real estate portal dot com.

"This city is a destination that has improved its national position, thanks to its attractiveness as a retirement option, the offer of ad-hoc projects, a favorable climate, as well as a more efficient urban development than other similar cities in the country," explained Leonardo González, Real Estate analyst of dot com properties.

The residential segment is the one that reported a greater increase in the offer with 197.4 percent in the apartments for sale and 145 percent for the houses.

"The city has shown positive levels of surplus value, especially in the niche of departments of the residential segment, reaching 10.45 percent and the residential plus with 8.7 percent over the last year," said the analyst.

The offer of sales and rent of departments also had a growth of 82.7 and 84.4 percent, respectively. Regarding the number of houses for rent available, increased 71.2 percent.

Apartments more expensive than houses

The prices are higher for apartments than for houses, the average price per square meter (m2) of a department of the middle segment is 15 thousand 333 pesos, while the houses in this segment cost 10 thousand 279 per m2.

In the residential niche, the m2 of apartments has a cost of 19 thousand 538 pesos and that of the houses is 11 thousand 333 pesos. In residential plus, the square meter of apartments reaches 27 thousand 563 pesos and houses 14 thousand 047 pesos.

"There is greater profitability in the verticalization model, since the departments capitalize almost 15 thousand pesos more than the houses per square meter," said Leonardo González.


Source: El Financiero / Pamela Ventura.