What advantages do I get, as an owner, if I grant the promotion and sale of my house exclusively?

What is an exclusive house?

An Exclusive Property refers to a commitment we acquire as Real Estate Advisors with the owner of a property, through a contract for the provision of services, to promote the sale or lease of said property, keeping control of the promotion and sale process but, if necessary, sharing commission with other advisors or real estate companies.
What advantages do I get as the owner of the property?
1. More control of the situation because you will only deal with a Real Estate Advisor.
2. Therefore, only one person will be responsible for the sale of the property to whom results may be demanded.
3. With the exclusive the broker will put all his effort in selling, since the sale depends on him and is stipulated in a contract.
4. He will use all his experience to plan and develop efficient advertising and marketing strategies.
5. You will be more interested in the operation being carried out in the shortest possible time and at the best price.
6. Take advantage of your contacts with other real estate brokers through networks or real estate exchanges.
What services can I expect from my Real Estate Advisor when signing an Exclusive contract?
Each real estate company has different services offered to clients with Exclusive contracts, however the minimum that an Advisor should do for you when there is a contract of this type is:
· Appreciation of the commercial value of the property to determine a fair and competitive price.
· Study of the legal and fiscal documents of the property to determine the viability of the sale and the fiscal consequences of it.
· Wide promotion of the property through different means.
· Periodic reports of the progress and results of the promotion.
· Attend prospective buyers showing the property, qualifying them and resolving their doubts and objections.
· Negotiate on behalf of the owner the bids that are presented.
· Prepare preliminary documents for the deed of sale.
· Be aware of the progress of the deed process.
· Attend the signing of the deed accompanying the owner.
Having a Professional and Trained Real Estate Advisor is crucial so that your estate is not affected, making successful real estate operations and protecting our clients.


by Jorge Letayf | May 28, 2018 | Remaxi Newsletter