We tell you what an intelligent house is and how it can help its inhabitants

It goes far beyond having the internet. In fact it can be a connectivity solution with the family and the elderly for better care.

Over the years we began to need additional help. Being an adult is not easy and less if the family is not around, so it is natural that doubts arise from the children such as "Will you have food in the refrigerator?", "Have you already gotten up?" Why does not he answer the phone? " However, it is true that with an advanced age you live at a different pace, but we can all benefit from a small investment. This is what a smart house is.

What is a smart home: home automation
The automation of the home becomes the answer we were looking for to connect with our loved ones when we are away. In real time and non-invasively, we achieve with different tools that they tell us how they feel and what they need, obviously respecting their space.

But, on the other hand, there are cases in which the response or warning may be limited by different specific factors, and what will be achieved will be that people learned about the needs more quickly.

Benefits for both parties
And it is that, if one thinks about it, it is not necessary to be an adult to benefit from living in a smart home: you have had an accident that forced you to be in bed and communicate with people was complicated ... now imagine what It's for your grandpa or grandpa!

Thanks to these systems, today we can receive warning notices from you and you can even activate the blinds with just a click on a button.

Also, if you suffer from hearing loss, when someone who is visiting you is already at the door, several lights could be activated. There is so much we can do to improve your situation that we want to describe how to do it.

Cost of investment
Do not think about excessive spending: on the contrary, this investment could benefit you in terms of energy savings. In comparison with previous years, when this type of innovation began to be implemented, today it is very accessible to equip the home.

Also, take into account that the value of the property will increase, because having technology for smart homes installed is a value that can be easily monetized.

5 points to make a decision
So, why have a smart home?

1. Security
Surely you've arrived at your parents 'or grandparents' house and the stove was on, the pot ran out of water and the food charred. Closing the keys to both water and gas is possible with this technology that is advanced by you. It can even detect movements and take photos of the intruders, as well as illuminate the stairs to avoid accidents of children and adults.

2. Energy saving
While some think that this point is based on the use, rather it refers to the functions and characteristics of the devices, since they can have some breakdown and therefore use more energy. Home automation can know exactly the consumption of each and with this information you can take action on the matter and thus save up to 30% in water, electricity and gas.

3. Ecology
Suffice it to say that ecology is linked to energy saving, since by using less water, light and gas, you will be contributing to the ecosystem.

4. Profitability
There are companies that have mentioned that the investment recovers between 2 to 3 years after having implemented the technology. For example, in the case of a basic package, the cost could be approximately 60 thousand pesos, which thanks to the efficient energy consumption, would be back in your portfolio after the aforementioned period.

On the other hand, there is surplus value, and that is that, as we mentioned earlier, the resale value increases when integrating this type of intelligent tools. Today there are few homes like that in the country, but it is expected that during 2018 the figure will grow.

5. Comfort
Having everything in order to, now, fully enjoy your space, is possible. Imagine arriving, opening the door and being received at the ideal temperature in the cold season. Also think about how your garden will look radiant, since every one that needs it will receive its watering automatically.

There are many ways in which smart homes improve our days. For the elderly, it will be your ally day after day, and for you the solution of the future you expected. That's why if you are looking for a new place to buy or rent, that allows you to enjoy connectivity with those you want, explore our page !.


Transcribed from: Mercado Libre Ideas.